The Love Story Part 4 - The Long Distance Love Affair

My departure from London was more than just saying goodbye to a friend. It was about abandoning the romantic notion that I'd finally met the man who had inflamed my heart. Leaving behind the idea that I could be in love and be loved in return and, surrendering the belief that finally, good things were going to happen for me.

Assimilating back into my routine, feeling a little dejected but content to be moving on, I was surprised when after only a few days, he messaged me.

"How are things back in Sydney?"

Within a week he is signing off with xx and how he is looking forward to catching up again. His tone is chatty and playful. Full of compliments. He is attentive and thoughtful, remembering to ask about things he knew I had coming up. Boosting me up, "You're inspirational". "I think you undersell yourself! I sense that you're much more capable than most of us."

We are both at very pertinent junctures in our lives. My ex has finally agreed to a financial settlement after a 5-year battle. There was the buzz and busyness surrounding the recent engagement of my eldest son, all the while I am grading finals and knee-deep in packing up 25 years of marriage and preparing our family home for sale. 

For him, there is the transition into acceptance of his new life as a single man, the slow release of the pangs of the past and embracement of the future ahead. We find ourselves comforting each other with gentle nudging guidance. We are the exact right people for each other.

"Nina, you are the one person who gets it."

As trust and comfort build, the tone changes again. Around June he talks about how he is "finally letting go of the past and truly (and fully) embracing the future." He begins reminiscing about my time with him in London. "We did do some great things when you were here!". Wait. Do I sense sentimentality? Could this be going where I think it's going?

Now we are messaging every few days. Finally, he suggests we actually chat over Whatsapp. I am so anxious that I find it difficult to listen or speak. My words spill quickly over his own. He ends the call with a casual mention that he hadn't on any clothes!

"It's good to talk Nina 😊"
        "It really is. 😊..and another first for us! 😳

"Haha 😂 yes - what's the next first??!!

This obvious trajectory is exhilarating. This is what I had wanted from the moment we met. Yet, there is an underlying warying sense of disbelief. It had all gone wrong before.

Be still uneasiness. This could be your one chance at real and true love. Every ounce of my body says it's so. I decide to let down my barriers and have the emotions ravage me. I am going to be vulnerable for the first time in my life. Bring it on.

By July there is a suggestion of a return visit to Sydney."

        "Get your naked butt over here!"

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As it does, life took a devastating sideways turn for me. With fierce determination, I quit my teaching job, shut down my photography business, packed up my apartment, hired an agent and rented it out on Airbnb, bought a ticket to London and embarked on an adventure of discovery, both about the world and myself. I’ve learned a great deal about people, places and myself. I’m happy that you are here for the ride. Nina x

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Sue said…
A manipulator of the highest degree. Pond life.
Nina Beilby said…
Yep! 😭 Hindsight hey. 🤷‍♀️

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