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Beautiful Child Portrait - When You Least Expect it!

What do you do when the dog has had enough...photograph the children! 

Today we were photographing for a pet magazine, (Pet Industry News)  but Missy, the Labradoodle decided to take a break alas Miss Em was not finished. 

It's autumn in Oz right now and the leaves and flowers are all over the ground...such a pretty backdrop (for a short while at least).

Em decided herself that she would like to be photographed and had set her pretty dress and shoes out the night before.

This always makes for the best shoots. Children that actually enjoy the camera as opposed to those who require bribes or treats!!!

Boy Child Portraits - More Reluctant Models

This is going to be fun. Truely, if you just look happy in front of the camera for a few shots, we can go home. Really, this is fun. Maybe we can get you a treat on the way home. How about extra game time. This is getting tiring. Are you certain you don't want to loose your iPad privelages? We are losing patience. OK, your iPad has gone for the week.

A typical day around here! Hey, I remember saying the exact same things to my own child a few years back whilst tears ran down his face! I think we did ok. Actually, the boys were very sweet, albeit shy!

Extended Family of 11 Portrait Session

Christmastime brings family together, sometimes from different States, even different countries so it is an ideal opportunity to capture the togetherness with a portrait.

This past Boxing Day, we did just that. Mother Nature threatened a dreadful storm with softball sized hail stones but we went ahead with the shoot in any case because who knows when this opportunity may arise again as part of the family had travelled from Adelaide to be here for the shoot...

A fabulous location, chosen by the family. We were actually at a point where we could see back toward the city skyline.

Tween Boy Photo Session - Brothers and Best Friends

I had a great shoot with two lovely, polite boys who clearly enjoyed each other's company which makes my job entirely easy! The portrait session was in my home studio and as it was a lovely day, we were able to photograph outside as well as inside, giving us a large variety of shots!

Tween Portrait Session

What to do with a Tween boy? Not too much actually. Little James was brilliant at having his own fun. His mother had prepared him well and he was relaxed and completely comfortable in front of the camera - the perfect subject!

Rather, it was I who experienced difficulties. Of the technical kind, that is. I had tested my lights the day before and they had worked well. A tricky setup where I am sending my USA lights through a converter and battery pack but apparently I had blown a fuse and didn't realise it. However, we managed to make it work.

Beautiful Child Portraits - A Real Wild Child!

If you think you've worked for the most demanding Art Director on the planet, think again...Little Miss Emily produced, directed and styled this 20 minute shoot. I love much fun with Emily.

Jumping Shoot

I shot a similar idea for a school project and it was so popular that I have decided to offer the shoot as a Father's Day gift idea - for one day only - May 15th, just in time to get your prints back for the holiday. I am only taking 5 families so let me know as soon as possible. It will be a blast!

Kids Jump...Children's Portraits

This project was a lot of fun. 4th and 5th Graders at Willamette all jump for their school Auction project. You will have to go to the auction to see the final product.

Newborn Girl Portrait

There is definitely something in the water! I have been photographing newborns all week! Just a week old and Kennedy has the sweetest smile!

Beautiful Baby Portraits - Babies and more Babies

This has been a week of babies and I just LOVE photographing such sweet, innocent and peaceful beings. What a pleasure!