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Tween Boy Photo Session - Brothers and Best Friends

I had a great shoot with two lovely, polite boys who clearly enjoyed each other's company which makes my job entirely easy! The portrait session was in my home studio and as it was a lovely day, we were able to photograph outside as well as inside, giving us a large variety of shots!

Business Headshots and Profile Images

This week, saw a number of executives stop by for business photographs. 

Some were for professional profile images such as LinkedIn, others were for printed sales material and others, websites. 

No matter which, your profile image is your link to the outside professional world and should look amazing. 

Without a profile image, you look as though you are hiding something. Without a recent, professional looking image, you are failing to make that vital good first impression.

With proper lighting and some editing, it is possible to produce such an image...

These images can be created in our Chatswood studio or at your own office.

and don't worry about the odd scar or blemish....we take care of that too...

Business Headshot - Portrait of a Celebrant..

Today I had the lucky pleasure of meeting Mr Ross Wellings. A Chatswood resident for at least 40 years, it turns out that The Wellings had been neighbors of The Beilbys way back in 1971.
A Civil Marriage Celebrant, Mr Wellings was in need of updated business portraits for hiswebsiteand profile I was happy to oblige. 
An endearing man, I couldn't think of anyone better to reside over a wedding.

Location Portrait Session

I love outdoor shoots. Pile a bunch of camera, lighting gear and paraphernalia into the boot and head to a complimentary location. Just have to remember the all important - memory card (had to make a quick trip home...doh!)

Today we are at a wild strip of land just above Chatswood Golf Club. I loved the look of the long feral grass which was the perfect backdrop to my very own uninhibited child. Despite my clothing suggestions, we went with her diamond studded pajamas. Therefore I had to crop in pretty tight.

The sun was in and out of the clouds which makes for a challenging shoot, but with reflectors and flashes, we were able to cope pretty well with it. Other than these usual challenges, I am pretty happy with the results for this outdoor portrait session.

Beautiful Child Portraits - A Real Wild Child!

If you think you've worked for the most demanding Art Director on the planet, think again...Little Miss Emily produced, directed and styled this 20 minute shoot. I love much fun with Emily.

Kids Jump...Children's Portraits

This project was a lot of fun. 4th and 5th Graders at Willamette all jump for their school Auction project. You will have to go to the auction to see the final product.

Newborn Portrait Session

This week I had the pleasure of photographing newly born, Cecilia. Though just over one week of age Ceci, (named so by her family) has all the being of a much older baby. She is alert, attentive and full of energy, which is unusual in a newbie. I am certain that she was even having a conversation with us at one time!

I had the sets, lighting and exposures all ready for a smooth shoot. For this I used my American Girl Doll as a stand-in. I started with this white, cloud-like setting for which the tutu was perfect. I used a two light set-up with a large Octabox for softness. Ceci looks as though she is an angel floating down from above.

Then I moved on to the more dramatic black background for dad to hold his daughter for size comparison though as you can see, Ceci is not a small baby!

I have dozens more ideas so look for more images in the future.