Business Headshots and Profile Images

This week, saw a number of executives stop by for business photographs. 

Some were for professional profile images such as LinkedIn, others were for printed sales material and others, websites. 

No matter which, your profile image is your link to the outside professional world and should look amazing. 

Without a profile image, you look as though you are hiding something. Without a recent, professional looking image, you are failing to make that vital good first impression.

With proper lighting and some editing, it is possible to produce such an image...

These images can be created in our Chatswood studio or at your own office.

and don't worry about the odd scar or blemish....we take care of that too...

Before and After editing...


Altax said…
Great editings and lovely photography!!!

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Hirsita Dixit said…
I like it so much.... It was awesome pictures.Thanks for Sharing your Observation...
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Heamanth said…
Nice post. Nice observation & edits.
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